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#FrankieWIP Pronoun Pay Day! Malevolence Errors and Laptop Woes!

After a week plagued with problems, there was a pleasant surprise in my emails this morning šŸ˜€ With some little outtakes XD

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Why Eddy Makes You a Bad Person



DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor the friend I mention in the video in any way condones genocide.

In this video, I tell you about something that happened to me today. A friend of mine encountered my character death scene and got a little upset. Rampant emotionsĀ tend to make a person do rash things–really fun to write about, by the way–and this is a case of that. Full conversation posted below. My friend’s name has been removed, just in case someone misinterprets this blog post into something it isn’t.

[1/5/15, 10:59:22 PM] Friend: I read a little bit . Holy shit

[1/5/15, 10:59:31 PM] Friend: I want to kill eddy

[1/5/15, 10:59:43 PM] Friend: Like… fucking rip out his throat

[1/5/15, 11:00:10 PM] Me: when frankeh read that scene she was like “you know, I was starting to like him. And then NOPE”

[1/5/15, 11:00:15 PM] Me: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE

[1/5/15, 11:00:33 PM] Friend: Yeah fuck that guy

[1/5/15, 11:00:58 PM] Friend: You know how I said I wasn’t sure if Eddy was the bad guy?

[1/5/15, 11:01:02 PM] Me: (nod)

[1/5/15, 11:01:04 PM] Friend: Well, now I effing know

[1/5/15, 11:01:09 PM] Me: (chuckle)

[1/5/15, 11:01:09 PM] Friend: He’s Hitler

[1/5/15, 11:01:11 PM] Friend: Bad

[1/5/15, 11:01:13 PM] Friend: Fucking

[1/5/15, 11:01:14 PM] Friend: Guy

[1/5/15, 11:01:17 PM] Friend: Do

[1/5/15, 11:01:18 PM] Friend: Not

[1/5/15, 11:01:20 PM] Friend: Like

[1/5/15, 11:01:21 PM] Friend: Him

[1/5/15, 11:01:28 PM] Friend: I want him dead

[1/5/15, 11:01:35 PM] Friend: I want his family dead

[1/5/15, 11:01:45 PM] Friend: And anyone associated with him dead

[1/5/15, 11:02:04 PM] Friend: all said in a John gotti voice

[1/5/15, 11:02:32 PM] Me: (chuckle)

[1/5/15, 11:02:39 PM] Me: welcome to a moment inside Myen’s brain

[1/5/15, 11:03:02 PM] Friend: Fucking rage, man

[1/5/15, 11:03:48 PM] Me: and this is why Myen believes they can never be trusted.

[1/5/15, 11:03:53 PM] Me: they might seem nice and all.

[1/5/15, 11:03:56 PM] Me: All it takes is one moment

[1/5/15, 11:04:02 PM] Me: one flash of anger. One bad glance.

[1/5/15, 11:04:05 PM] Me: TOAST.

[1/5/15, 11:04:21 PM] Friend: EXACTLY.

[1/5/15, 11:04:29 PM] Friend: Fuck those guys!

[1/5/15, 11:04:36 PM] Me: lol

[1/5/15, 11:04:42 PM] Me: now who’s Hitler?

[1/5/15, 11:04:50 PM] Me: because now, like Myen, you’re contemplating genocide.

[1/5/15, 11:04:51 PM] Me: Hm.

[1/5/15, 11:04:56 PM] Friend: (angry)

[1/5/15, 11:04:59 PM] Me: LOL

[1/5/15, 11:05:08 PM] Friend: (wait)