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Today I pulled the trigger on my first book, THE BLOOD OF NERYS (synopsis at end of post). At the time of this posting, it is currently processing and not available for sale. It should hit most major online retailers within the next 3 days, and takes a little longer for Barnes & Noble.

Furthermore, I am investigating a promising print-on-demand option that’s cheaper than createspace. I will keep you updated as I know more.


6x9 cover


After a crusade against technology wipes out every last remnant of science, a horrific blood plague devastates mankind. In the wake of such despair, the desperate survive by capitalizing upon the misfortune of others.
Nerys Raphaen, an optimistic flower artist in a broken city, is an anomaly. But she is cruelly abducted, her blood harvested and inexplicably sold for prices that ruin lives, threatening to break her spirit. Then her enigmatic captor reveals that in her veins flows the key to their survival. He tells her she can save anyone. Given the chance at last to bring hope to an otherwise dark era, she never even considers questioning his method.

But because of Nerys…he does.



Panderp and Sam


Well. I’m not going to lie, guys. This video ended up being way longer than we intended. BUT. It’s REALLY funny. So I’ll set it up in such a way that you can skip to where you want to go (like chapters). Each topic is about 8 minutes. 🙂

  1. Introduction (0:00-4:08)
  2. Getting Into Character (4:09-10:10)
  3. Animals as Characters (10:11-18:39)
  4. Being Evil (18:40-26:53)
  5. Fight Scenes (26:54-35:00)
  6. Personal Effects (35:01-42:15)
  7. Antagonists (42:16-51:02)
  8. Closing Statements (51:03-end)