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#WhateverWednesday The Dragon Gets a Surprise!

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My husband was acting all suspicious last night before I went to work. He had this side-smile he usually gets when he is plotting something and disappeared not long before I left for work. To say I was intrigued is an understatement. I knew he was up to something, but he didn’t give me so much as a hint as to what he was scheming.

Then, after about an hour of wondering and worrying where he was, I got a call from him. He was on his way home, and he had bought me something that I’d been wanting. Now, there was only one thing that I’ve been moaning about for a while now, and it has been my poor old laptop, Midway.

Last week, Windows 10 updated three times on Midway. The last one was on Sunday and it all but killed my lovely workhorse. Afterwards, Midway took over an hour to switch on and in the end I had to force close the damned thing. When he finally did boot up, half the programs were struggling to run and I was so angry! Looking at social media, I am not the only one to find their laptop completely mucked up after this update. There are a lot of angry Windows 10 users out there!

But this was the final straw for Midway. I use him so much his keys are scratched and the letters have worn off. His memory is slowing down and he struggles with some of the things I demand of him these days. I’ve had to dive into his code in order to disable some bad processes which rendered him useless. In all, Midway has been on the way to laptop heaven for a while now.

So, my husband went out last night and picked me up a new laptop!

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It is a Hewlett Packard Pavilion, and so far, I love it! It has those lovely slim and flat keys I’ve been desperate for since my old Macbook died a few years ago. It has a lovely 15.6 crystal clear display. It’s a quad core processor with 8 gig of RAM and 1tb HDD which will take me forever to fill up!

All of my tech has names so they are easily identifiable. Instead of; “Can you switch on the silver Dell?” or “My bigger netbook is not working,” I just say,  “Midway’s not working,” and folk know exactly what laptop or piece of kit I’m talking about. The reason for this is the fact I have so many bits of tech for different things. My main powerhouse is HAL, the desktop in my office. Midway is my writing laptop and workhorse. SAL is my smallest netbook which I use in bed. Wraith is the netbook I use when out on the go. Pegasus is my tablet PC with digitized screen which I use for drawing. HUD is my 12” portable dvd player. The list does not include my external HDDs and older tech, which I keep after upgrades for many reasons. If you are into Sci-fi, I’m sure you can see a theme…

I’ve decided to name this new laptop….Atlantis! Most of my kit is named after something in Stargate Atlantis, and this laptop will be the first I’ve named after the show title. A new book to write, a new NaNoWriMo starting soon, a new laptop to kick start everything!
Last night, my friends said I’m a spoiled bitch…but I just think I have the best husband in the entire damned world 😉

F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE