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#WeCreate The Art of Boris Vallejo

Frankie Av

Hello everyone! I’m filling in for Sam this weekend as she currently has no access to the internet.
I remember going to Edinburgh with my Aunt and sister when I was younger. We went into a shop which sold posters of all kinds. I remember seeing one which to this day is one of two pictures which are my favorites of all. Back then-in the mid eighties- I had no access to the internet to find out who this artist was and so had to rely on the good old library to search him out.
His name is Boris Vallejo. He is a long time, world renowned fantasy artist and the first artist I ever followed, and still do. The poster I saw and bought that day back in Edinburgh was called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It hung on my wall from when I bought it until I moved out when I got married years later. Unfortunately, during the move it was damaged and I never did source another.

But while it hung on my wall, I used to look at it and marvel at the details and colours that Vallejo used. It is a magnificent painting, perfectly detailed, balanced and executed. During my searches, I discovered that Vallejo had a book published, filled with his paintings.  A few years later I took the train into Glasgow and bought said book in Glasgow and still have it to this day. Vallejo’s paintings are gorgeous. The way he paints skin tones is just beautiful.

I’ve collected trading cards since my early teens and Vallejo’s art has been used in many over the years. I’m pretty sure I own more than a few X-Men Fleer trading cards with his art on them. Some of my most prized possessions is a set of 1995 Fleer X-Men ultra prints, one of which is signed by Boris Vallejo and another signed by his equally talented and famous wife, Julie Bell. Unfortunately mine are currently in storage, but they look like these, only signed 😉

One of the things I love about Vallejo’s art, is the way he portrays women. They are beautiful creatures of power, gorgeous and violent and strong. They might often be scantily clad, but their male counterparts are in similar undress and so equal. I love it! Anyway, enjoy the little video of some pictures from my book and have a look at Vallejo/Bell website for more up-to-date art 😀

F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE