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I’m reading it!


#amreading #amrevising

Hello all! Sam here!

This is a rather short one, but I’m pretty caught up in my job right now and am on my way out the door.


#Blog Upgrades!

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It’s A Dragon Podcast!


In this update, you get two Dragons for the price of one!

So the plan was, that we both had a video hangout. The first couple of test videos worked great, but the real one, didn’t work! I was cut out of the video! So, instead of just throwing it all away, we decided to make it a podcast instead. 😀

A little gab about us and how we got together and a little bit about our stories 🙂

Despite what it might sound like, we don’t drink that much XD But we were having a few drinks while doing this. I wish the video had worked, as the faces we pulled during it were priceless! There are some parts that have been spliced together as the videos were made in 5 minute installments due to the software I was using. Which didn’t bloody work in the end! Hope you enjoy it!




143 pages of AWESOME.

And I’ve been assaulted by so many good ideas. GAWD I need to finish editing. Send all your good feels this way.

All I want for Christmas is for this novel to edit itself.

Did senpai notice me today?

Answer: No. 

And… We’re Off!!!

Day 1 and 2 are on the books! Frankeh and I are both off to a pretty strong start, considering our daily commitment is only 2,000 words! She’s a little too embroiled in what she’s doing to pause and give you an update, so I’m going to double update today and she’ll take over the blog tomorrow.

Here are my Day 1 and Day 2 updates. Also, I’ve included a funny bonus article entitled “Weird Things Authors Do,” which made me laugh. ^_^

Good luck fellow writers!!! Keep on trucking!

Weird Things Authors Do: