F.R Donaldson

Malevolence Final final Cover (533x800)

  • Malevolence (2016): When Louise Somerville’s new Mentis A3 serum goes to human trials, Kai and his friend Logan are among the first to be tested. The results are revolutionary, with effects ranging anywhere from minor empathy to complete mind control. But as it becomes clear just how powerful and dangerous MA3 is, Louise disappears, taking the serum and all of her notes with her.A promising new lead in Glasgow will bring Kai face to face with Louise, and the truth of her character could well mean their ultimate destruction.Because she’s testing again. Except this time, it’s on herself.

F.R. Donaldson


  • “The Scientist’s Daughter” (2012): Grief-stricken Colin Patterson is willing to go to extraordinary lengths in order to save his daughter, despite the fact that she is already dead. It isn’t long before he wishes that he had left the dead in peace. Illustrated with original artwork created by the author for the story, The Scientist’s Daughter is the first in a series of unique short, illustrated tales.


S.K. Balk

6x9 cover

  • The Blood of Nerys (2016): After a crusade against technology wipes out every last remnant of science, a horrific blood plague devastates mankind. In the wake of such despair, the desperate survive by capitalizing upon the misfortune of others.Nerys Raphaen, an optimistic flower artist in a broken city, is an anomaly. But she is cruelly abducted, her blood harvested and inexplicably sold for prices that ruin lives, threatening to break her spirit. Then her enigmatic captor reveals that in her veins flows the key to their survival. He tells her she can save anyone. Given the chance at last to bring hope to an otherwise dark era, she never even considers questioning his method.But because of Nerys…he does.

S.K. Balk


  • A Shiny for Trick (2017): Trick loves stuff, as all Nomchai do. She lives in a world of lost things, where she collects and wears misplaced keys. Every lost key belongs to exactly one magical box which contains exactly one missing item from the human world. She loves the strange objects inside each box above all others for a short amount of time. When she tires of her new favorite treasure, she finds the one person in her world that is looking for it and returns it. Trick exists only to return lost stuff to where it belongs. It’s a joyful existence. A quiet, aware one. A private existence. And that suits her just fine.

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