#OurWorld Perfectly Pretty Pangolin

Frankie Av

One of my favourite little animals is the strange but wonderful Pangolin. It almost looks like a toy with its lovable eyes and strange posture.


They are covered in overlapping scales made of keratin, the same material as our fingernails and hair.


When scared, pangolins can pull themselves into a spiky armoured ball!


There are eight different kinds of pangolin, and all are hunted for their scales and meat. As a result, they are protected by law and two of them are already listed in the IUCN Red List as critically endangered.


I just think they are so cute, and I would hate to see them hunted to extinction! I also made a drawing of one as part of my Love Life campaign.


Read more about these little animals here at ArkiveWWF, and the IUCN.

F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE




About oneofthedragons

Samantha K. Balk and F. R. Donaldson met on An Archive of Our Own, one of the many fanfiction sites online, when Sam asked Frankie to illustrate the fanfiction that would one day lead to Sam's first novel. They've been friends ever since! This blog was created as a way to share the oftentimes difficult journey any new author experiences on the uncomfortable quest of an introvert for attention to his or her most personal work. It is meant to remind you that authors don't just appear fully fledged like a George R. R. Martin, that all of us start out unsure and feeling inadequate. Feel free to ask us anything. Sam: sammykaye9@gmail.com Frankie: reluctant.fraggle@gmail.com

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