#SamWIP: New Story & A Finished Fanfic

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This is a race against the dying computer battery, as my charger is in the other room. (Edit: it died…sorry!)

I’ve only just remembered that today is Monday, but for the best possible reason: I’ve been writing. I’ve been writing rather a lot, actually! I think I’ve managed about 10-12K words in the past week for an original that has seized ahold of my brain and refuses to let go. It has morphed into somewhat of a dark comedy with an eventual twist of romance. I’m completely in love with it and can’t seem to stop writing it. This is a welcome change.


This is a premise that I concocted whilst on Christmas break. I think I actually talked about it in a previous video. It’s intriguing how a random collection of thoughts can coalesce and become an idea. Back then, it was a few things:

  • my baby niece was born.
  • I had just finished playing Fire Emblem: Awakening…one of the playable characters morphs into a dragon with glowing gossamer wings before fighting.
  • I had just started Tales of the Abyss, which starts out with some dude leaping through your window to say hello, then leaving in a hurry so he wasn’t caught talking to you.
  • I have always been fascinated by the fairy changeling legend, wherein a fairy steals a human baby and switches it out with a monster of sorts.

So the general premise is this:

A creature of my own creation who looks a bit like a dragon but isn’t as mighty or legendary becomes the last of his kind when his mate is butchered for her scales. They have a vicious nature and an immortal lifespan, so he swears vengeance. But a swift vengeance isn’t good enough. After all, he lost the span of many human lifetimes with the love of his life, and the prince who murdered his mate would only find a new love if the creature killed his wife, so he comes up with a better plan. Instead, he endeavors to ruin the prince’s life. He switches the prince’s daughter, who is sure to have incredible magic power, with an infant from the human lands, where magic is not thought to exist (the two places are in complete ignorance of the other).

The problems are on both sides. One girl must grow up feeling like she is a monster, a wolf among lambs. The other feels like a failure, completely powerless in a world rich with magic. Meanwhile, the creature who has exacted his revenge keeps tabs on both of them, watching them suffer, reaping his reward.

Except he spends so much time with them, he starts to like them, and then he feels compelled to help.

It’s been a lot of fun…the main character masquerades as a human and he’s really bad at it. He keeps landing himself into all sorts of trouble. I love the characters…they’re interesting and full of personality in such a way that I can imagine every detail as they move about the plot. I am really enjoying this one.

I think it’s going to be a long one, though. I might even split it into two books. 😀

On the other hand, I just finished the last chapter of the fan fiction I wrote for Malevolence. And in rather spectacular fashion, if I do say so myself. That last chapter was a lot of fun.

And, in other news, I randomly decided to write a highly anticipated and oh-so-unlooked-for sequel to an older fan fiction. Those details I’ll keep to myself, but suffice it to say, it’s going to make a lot of my fans very, very happy. I’m looking forward to finishing it for them.

Sorry for the late update. Still dealing with a lot in real life (so much that I thought it’d be faster to write this than upload a video). I hope that my next week’s update will be even more exciting! I’ve been quite productive as I try to escape from the real world.

Thanks for your continued support!

S.K. Balk lives in the frozen wasteland of Northern Michigan. She is the author of the dystopian medical sci-fi THE BLOOD OF NERYS (also available in print).


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Samantha K. Balk and F. R. Donaldson met on An Archive of Our Own, one of the many fanfiction sites online, when Sam asked Frankie to illustrate the fanfiction that would one day lead to Sam's first novel. They've been friends ever since! This blog was created as a way to share the oftentimes difficult journey any new author experiences on the uncomfortable quest of an introvert for attention to his or her most personal work. It is meant to remind you that authors don't just appear fully fledged like a George R. R. Martin, that all of us start out unsure and feeling inadequate. Feel free to ask us anything. Sam: sammykaye9@gmail.com Frankie: reluctant.fraggle@gmail.com

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