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I am currently on holiday leave from work, and I’d like to share a place we visited this week which I think is perfect for the #OurWorld posts. 

Dynamic Earth is an educational, interactive visitor attraction about Earth. From the moment you walk in the door to the exhibition, you step back in time. The first place you enter is a large room which looks like an old classroom.

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There are various rock samples to see and touch as well as plenty to read. You are presented with a chalkboard and a dark empty space surrounded with black and white photographs. Suddenly in the black space, a man appears and begins a lecture.

 photo DSCN3463 640x426_zpsolht1ir6.jpg

He is a holo-projection! As he speaks, the black and white photographs come to life and converse with him! Even the chalkboards are animated! Straight away you are hit with the innovative style of the place. So much information is packed into this single room.

When the exhibit comes to a close, you are free to wander around the second room. Again, it is full of information and central to the room is a huge ball with a projection of the Earth on it.

 photo DSCN3466 640x426_zpsynqzyepx.jpg

This exhibition explains tectonics and such and the holo-globe shows this in animation. Once before when I visited, this part of the centre was about the solar system and the holo-globe was interactive. On it you could place the planets and I had no end of fun with it!

 photo DSCN3468 640x426_zpsop5rgusw.jpg

Once you have explored the second room, you are then invited to step into the Time Machine. This is a huge elevator with glass windows. It doesn’t go up and down like a conventional elevator, it goes back and forth in time! A little like the TARDIS! In the glass panels you can see beautiful animations displayed as the entire room shudders to simulate movement. It is pretty cool!

 photo DSCN3475 640x427 2_zpskkhtwjbm.jpg

When you leave the Time Machine, you enter what is supposed to be a spaceship taking you on a journey through the cosmos. I love these exhibits. While not interactive, videos are displayed on three large screens which give the impression of being inside a ship.

 photo DSCN3482 640x426_zpsn9chjpos.jpg

 photo DSCN3483 640x427_zpss4a4k7lm.jpg

Leaving there, you head into another ship which takes you on a journey into tectonic plates! The floor has a rumble road which triggers when you *ride* the tectonic plate in the displayed video. It is truly magical.

 photo DSCN3487 640x427_zpstkwnpsll.jpg

By far my favorite room of the tour experience is the ice room. The decor of the room gives the impression of sitting on ice and snow. Two bench seats sit before three HUGE screens. The video displayed on these screens are of expansive Scottish mountain-scapes with snow and ice and rocks. Taken from a bird eye view, you really get the feel of actual motion in this exhibit and could swear you are actually zooming over the landscape!

 photo DSCN3490 640x427_zpsrwtkrdar.jpg

Once you leave this exhibit you can then wander through the remaining rooms with some small interactive exhibits as well as massive amounts of information.

 photo DSCN3501 640x426_zpsto7ke8or.jpg

 photo DSCN3508 640x427_zps7fxljlvd.jpg

There are a number of these head sculptures. When you place your hands on either side of the head, lights flash, and film and sound begin to show broadcasts of human evolution and intelligence.

 photo DSCN3513 640x441_zpsfdyxc3ql.jpg

It takes roughly an hour to get through the tour and wander around the exhibits. Then you are invited into a seated area where you are given 3D glasses and taken on an adventure through different landscapes. Wind blows around the room, it even snows at the part when you fly over the snow covered tundra. There are no recording devices allowed in this area, so I have no photos to show you. Neither are they allowed in the next area!

The Showdome! This is my very favourite part of the entire experience. A huge dome shaped projection screen in which you sit on comfortable lean-back seats. The entire show is projected onto the dome,  called immersive entertainment. It is is an almost 3D experience without the need to wear glasses!  The show changes from time to time. This visit it was a film called “We Are Stars” and it was absolutely stunning. It explained how the first atoms were formed, all the way up to the creation of Earth and the planets in a spectacular 3D animation.


Dynamic Earth is well worth a visit if you ever find yourself in Edinburgh. Suitable for most ages, though I would say very small children would be bored quickly. Definitely a place for school children eager to learn about the world in which they live!

Check out the trailer here!

And the site here:


F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE


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