#WeCreate: Artist “Jesterry” on Deviant Art

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Sometimes, I walk by a certain aesthetic and am just floored. Do you ever get that feeling? You see a work of art or a work of nature (or a work of God, if that’s your thing) that just strikes you to the depths of your soul, grips you and never lets go?

For me, that was this:

I found it when I was browsing for Madara/Mito fan art while I was writing Forever. Even if you know nothing at all about Naruto (my favorite anime), I think this picture is just gorgeous. I had it set as my laptop background for many months. It’s an old favorite I come back to every now and then. Sometimes I just stare at it. The colors are fantastic, the pose is lovely and real.

This is by one of my favorite artists on Deviant Art known as Jesterry. Because I was so stunned by this work, I ended up spending quite a bit of time browsing their gallery. They’ve done work for many different fandoms, including A Song of Ice and Fire:

For R+L=J fans.

Or if you’d rather, a lovely picture of Littlefinger and Sansa in front of Winterfell made of snow:

Jesterry has a range of different styles, but most of their works do share some similar elements. They tend to have bold colors, and the artist uses a LOT of different colors. I think perhaps one of the aspects that interests me the most is how an artist will sometimes use a color I would have never thought to use. If you go back to the first work in this blog post, for example, check out the lines of bright green and neon pink.

Here’s another one from Naruto, though this one is quite a bit darker…

It has the same sort of style as the first picture, but a much narrower color scheme in mostly black and red. You may have noticed from my last post where I talked about FireEagleSpirit, but I am a sucker for stark black and white with a splash of crimson.

Or, with even less color, this one:

This is Itachi from Naruto, and though it’s simply a black and white watercolor, it’s masterfully done.

Jesterry also has a vision that I simply find intriguing. Certain works stand out to me as being particularly inspiring or thought-provoking. Jesterry does a lot of fan art, mainly ‘ships’ from various fandoms. I highly appreciate the existence of these and adore the first one in this post, but because many are from fandoms I don’t follow, I generally just gravitate towards works that strike me in an emotional sense. For me, I have certain color schemes I enjoy.

Here are a few that warrant honorable mention:

I love this color scheme. If the art is done well, pretty much anything using purple, blue, and gold are exciting. Remember when I posted those new books I just bought? Look at the cover of THE WEAVER’S LAMENT:

See what I mean? Powerful colors.

Then there’s this beautiful watercolor:

I remember, growing up, how I hated watercolors. It was the first paint I ever got to use in school, and it seemed almost impossible to work with. The colors ran everywhere and they just seemed dull. I’ve always been a stark lines and color inside the lines kind of person, though. It makes sense why I disliked using watercolors. As I grew up, though, I’ve really come to appreciate the soft look.

And this one is a great example of almost everything I’ve already talked about:

It has the bold, out-of-left-field colors in the purple, blue, and gold color scheme. It’s calm and peaceful but with a hint of mystery. Fascinating!

If you’ve enjoyed the art that you see here, I highly recommend stopping by Jesterry’s page and having a look around. The artist has more than 1000 poster works on Deviant Art, so you’re sure to find something you enjoy.

Thanks for looking! And, of course, for your support!

S.K. Balk lives in the frozen wasteland of Northern Michigan. She is the author of the dystopian medical sci-fi THE BLOOD OF NERYS (also available in print).


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