#OurWorld A Brexitstential Crisis!

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A change from my usual writing about the Brexit vote in the UK.

On Thursday 23rd of June 2016, a historical vote saw the UK leave the European Union. It was the first EU vote in forty years, and saw masses turning out to have their say. I don’t pretend to understand politics, which is one reason I seldom discuss it. But this is such a momentous decision, it would be wrong of me to ignore it completely.

Almost immediately following the vote, the value of the Pound plummeted to a thirty-year low. Some people on holiday found they were unable to get money due to confusion over the exchange rate. Mobile phone carriers were expected to announce new increased European roaming charges. These were the immediate results of the vote, and should soon settle once meetings are scheduled and talks held over the future of our country.

There was also knee-jerk reactions to the result. Hysteria, panic and confusion to what it meant to leave the EU and fear for the future of the country. Some fear of increased cost of living, while others fear the withdrawal of large companies from the UK. Again, this is something which will eventually settle down once the talks are underway.

But something which will not soon settle, is the bitterness from both sides of the vote. The country was split almost 50/50 over the decision to leave the European Union, with both sides sure they were right. Even now there is bitterness between Yes and No voters from the Scottish Independence referendum and we are already a couple of years down the line.

Many reported to vote in Brexit as a protest over the way our government have ran our country over the last six years. Angry at the cut in benefits for the disabled and vulnerable as well as cuts in school and health provisions. Others reported they voted because of immigration problems, fear of terrorism. Still others voted to leave because they felt they were being governed by a body who had no clue about British life, and did not like being told what to do by people who did not live in the UK. Another reason stated is the amount of money which leaves the UK as a result of being part of the EU, money which many believe would go a long way to save our failing NHS and help our money-squeezed councils.

On the other side, people voted to stay for stability, safety, and others for the status quo. The freedom of commerce, trading, free movement.The lack of visas required to holiday. The Open Skies policy enjoyed under the EU conditions. The policies brought in by the EU which brought us safer working conditions, better benefits and lower overall cost of living.

Now we have people fighting over who was right and wrong and the future we now face. The fact is; there was no right or wrong way to vote. This vote should have been based on what you believed–truly believed–was best for the country as a whole. For our future, our children’s futures and the future of this country.

But from what I am finding on social media, many votes were cast through fear, hatred and bitterness. Fear of hidden terrorists in immigrant populations, hatred of people of certain religions and countries, bitterness over ancient battles fought by our ancestors on our own soil, and used as a protest vote against the current government.

But what has really caused this divide? It really should be obvious, as when it comes to politics, it is all about the promises, lies and misdirection. Not every newspaper or TV channel showed both sides of the argument. This was painfully evident in the Scottish Independence referendum, where Scottish coverage showed the complete opposite of that in England as shown here in this detailed report. Media bias is one of the main influential reasons a person votes in a certain way. Therefore not every person had a sound base of knowledge with which to base their vote, only that which they are fed by the media hound.

Scotland’s vote to leave the UK during the Indy Ref, was about independence from Westminster, not from England itself, though to see some of the things the elite had to say about Scotland and the Indy Ref might have you think otherwise. We were and still are portrayed and believed to be scroungers on the state, a benefit loving layabout unemployed nation, with questionable intelligence.

Take the following as examples of this:


 Douglas Murray

  • The sooner the bunch of Scots who govern us are booted into history the better. I don’t say that the English would be any better, but at least we would be paying for our own mistakes rather than someone else’s. Never has the case for English independence from the Scots been so overwhelming. Sadly, I suspect that in the present state of penury England will be saddled with them for another 302 years of high-end welfarism at least.”

Simon Heffer, The Telegraph, 23 Jan 2009

  • “These days, Scotland is more commonly associated with work-shy dole scroungers and skag-addled prostitutes than with the industriousness of Adam Smith or with its glorious pre-Reformation spirituality. Sorry, no offence, but it’s true.”


  • “Returning to England, then, let us imagine a Kingdom relieved of burdensome Scottish misanthropy. Surely it would experience an almost immediate burst of post-divorce gaiety. Think of our city centres, free of garrulous Glaswegian drunks slurping Buckfast tonic wine, or English literary festivals liberated from sour, spiky-haired Caledonian lesbians hawking grim thrillers about child abuse.”  

    Milo Yiannopoulos 25 Aug 2014


Interesting article on the fiasco: How the media shafted the people of Scotland

As the Scottish are and always have been a patriotic country, such inflammatory remarks from high profile people are sure to produce animosity on both sides; those being fed the lies and those being lied about. They forget that past governments used Scotland as a proving ground for policies which damned and killed off the steel and coal industries. Policies which tore families apart and to this day wreak havoc with every day lives of the Scottish people.

The Indyref split the country apart, even families argued the merits of both votes. To this day, the bitterness created by the Indyref remains. The ridicule the Scottish people endured at the time of the referendum continues to burn, and continues to be driven into the minds of people who follow the media blindly. Yet, we are a country which time and time again have voted in unanimous numbers, only to be thwarted by an English majority. This has now happened again in the Brexit vote, with Scotland and Northern Ireland voting to stay with the EU and England and Wales voting to leave. As a result, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be forced to leave the EU despite every constituency voting to stay. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be a second Indy ref in order to break away from the UK and stay with the EU.


Media slanting is common when it comes to politics: give with one hand, take with the other. Tell some one thing to win the vote, tell others something different. Incite hatred and fear to skillfully slide a vote in the desired direction. It is not that we as a country hate each other or other people, it’s that the media–driven by the very people dependent on your vote–only tell you what certain people want you to know.

We are often told it is our vote, our right to share our views, and our right to make a change. But are we really making the right changes when all we are fed is lies and deceit? This will always be the way of things as the media mutt is unlikely to bite the hand which feeds it. But are we to hate each other based on such deceit? Should we not be looking for the truth and basing our votes and beliefs on what is real rather than what we are told is real? Already we are being told that the elderly and older generations voted for this, that the same generations voted for Scotland to stay in the UK. I can not help but think that the blame being placed on the shoulders of our parents and grandparents is being driven by the same people who consider the elderly and older generations–the very people who brought us life– a burden on our resources. While it may be partially true, I know of some from the elder generations who voted to leave the UK and stay with the EU. And I also know those from younger generations who voted the opposite. 

There is enough hatred in this world to last a generation and more, we do not need more fed to us and then perpetuated by bickering with each other. The fact is, the decision has been made, and no matter how you voted, we need to live with the result. The main thing is, we have to do it together. Not with bitterness, nor anger nor hatred for those of the opposite vote or different countries within our united kingdom. I detest the fact I’m about to echo the very words which made me angry when uttered by a despicable man, but, we are better when we stand together. Even if Scotland leaves the UK, this should not change. 

In order to live in a world governed by peace and acceptance, the hatred needs to stop. This will not happen via politicians, social media, newspapers, television or radio. This will happen when we as individuals make it stop. When we sit down and talk like adults, discuss things like adults and live like adults. When we no longer believe the lies and see the lengths to which politicians and journalists will go to in order to split a body of people the way they wish. 

It is time to waken up, stand together, and stop the hate.

F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE









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