#WeCreate How I Make my Trailers and Art–part two



To follow on from my previous #WeCreate post, this is a basic run-down of how I make my animations. This is the second phase of creating a video trailer.

I made the artwork for this video a long time ago as part of an “Ask the Artist!” on Live Journal in 2010. I was asked to make something for the interview following the creation of my Supernatural animations. I have updated and modified it for this blog post which–I might add–has taken me a few hours to fix today! XD (I had to move the layers and modify them, so a lot of drawing and fixing!)

It starts with the original drawing created on either Photoshop or Artrage. Then I break it down into the layers I need for movement and save as PNG files. Once I have everything I need, I put it all together in After Effects. For this animation, there were several layers.

1) A head and body with no eyes.

2) A PNG layer with just the eyes to adjust for movement

3) Three PNG layers for movement of mouth

4) Two PNG layers for the closing and opening of eyelids.

5) A blank background

For this very basic video I wanted to make him speak, so I made three separate layers for the mouth. There were also another two layers to make him blink. Once these were created, I fed them into After Effects and created the movement I wanted. In this stage I use Photoshop/Artrage and After Effects.
Next time, I will write about the adding music and speech.

F.R. Donaldson lives in scenic Scotland. She is the author of the psychological sci-fi MALEVOLENCE



About oneofthedragons

Samantha K. Balk and F. R. Donaldson met on An Archive of Our Own, one of the many fanfiction sites online, when Sam asked Frankie to illustrate the fanfiction that would one day lead to Sam's first novel. They've been friends ever since! This blog was created as a way to share the oftentimes difficult journey any new author experiences on the uncomfortable quest of an introvert for attention to his or her most personal work. It is meant to remind you that authors don't just appear fully fledged like a George R. R. Martin, that all of us start out unsure and feeling inadequate. Feel free to ask us anything. Sam: sammykaye9@gmail.com Frankie: reluctant.fraggle@gmail.com

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